Small Business Loan

  • Same Day Fast Approval!
  • Loans up to $5,000,000
  • No Credit Checks
  • No Business Financials
  • New business, purchsae of existing business or franchise purchases

Small Business Loan

There are so many reasons why small businesses need funds. The obvious one is to get them started. Then there’s always going to be some lag time between opening the doors and the cashflow growing to the level where it pays for the setting up and everyday costs of the business. But there’s other reasons as well.

You might own a clothing retail business and have the opportunity to purchase stock at a heavily reduced price per item, but only if you are prepared to buy a large quantity.

Or perhaps you’re a builder and have been offered a great deal on building supplies from a company that’s ceasing operation, same deal, great price, but you need to move on it quickly so as not to miss out.

Maybe your bank is in the process of refinancing your home or an investment property and you were going to use the funds in your business, their timeframe on the refinancing is 2-3 months, but you need the funds next week?

Or you own a seasonal farming business that is short on cash now, but will have a bumper crop in 3 months and plenty of cash. Your business is in danger of failing due to wages and operational costs that need to be paid now and a loan would get you through to harvest time.

Possibly you’re a first-time property developer, you’ve just signed on the purchase of some land, with finance all in place. Then at the last minute your loan approval has been withdrawn by one of the big banks, (yes believe it or not they do this on occasion). You’re now in danger of losing your deposit and the land. A loan from BizLoansFast may enable you to proceed with the transaction, in 24 hours, then source a long-term alternative finance arrangement at your leisure.

Maybe it’s the ATO. They used to be a lot more accommodating with over-due tax, unfortunately those days are over. A loan from BizLoansFast, paying your tax off the next day, gets them off you back and lets you focus back on what’s important—running your business.

We see clients experiencing all the above scenarios, and more, every day, and this is where BizLoansFast can come in with a small business loan and save the day. If you apply today by either calling us on 1300 852 150 or by using our 60 second online application tool, there’s every chance we can have from between $20,000 to $5,000,000 in your business account within 24 hours.

How can we offer this speed of service? Well firstly, we don’t focus on a bad credit score if you have one, or previous loan arrears. Secondly, we don’t ask you to provide costly and time-consuming valuations of your business. Thirdly we also won’t request lengthy financial reports, or cash flow records going back years. And finally, unlike a lot of banks and other old school lenders, we will fund new start-up businesses.

We’ve been providing funds to help small businesses in Australia and New Zealand since 2004 and we’ve honestly found that none of the above time-consuming standard requests from traditional lenders are any real indication of whether you should receive a loan. Oh, and by the way, when we say we are a lender, we literally mean that every dollar you borrow from us, comes directly from us. We are not a broker for other lenders. Another reason we can speed up the approval process markedly.

So, what do we base our loan approval process on? Well three simple things.


The loan has to be for a business or commercial investment purpose.

That’s fair enough right? We need to know that you’re engaged in a potentially profit-making enterprise and the loan is to help facilitate that business process.


There needs to be an exit strategy to finalise the loan in place.

That is either a predicted strong cash-flow event in your business.  A total refinancing of our loan and the first mortgage. Or the sale of an asset.


And you need to hold sufficient equity in real estate to secure the loan.

All we need to process an application is: Completion of our 60 second application form, a recent mortgage statement, a rates notice for the security property or properties, and ID for each borrower.

It’s really that simple. Whether it’s a short-term business loan, a second mortgage, or a business bridging loan, our dedicated small business loan consultants are only a phone call or a couple of clicks away, and their whole mission is to assist you.

Same Day Fast Approval!

  • As long as your loan is for a recognised business purpose or commercial investment, you have sufficient equity in real estate you can nominate as security, and you have an exit strategy to finalise the loan—either selling an asset, refinancing, or a major cash event in your business, BizLoansFast can approve your loan.
  • To get started now, fill out our 60 second online application, send us a recent mortgage statement, and rates notice, and your ID—or simply call us on 1300 852 150.

Loans up to $5,000,000

  • BizLoansFast are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of business growth opportunities, emergencies and fund any amount from $20,000 to $5,000,000.
  • Whether it’s a short-term business loan (also known as a caveat or business bridging loan) or a 1st or 2nd mortgage we have you covered.
  • If you’ve been knocked back by traditional lenders, for any number of reasons, contact BizLoansFast and experience a market leading, fresh, innovative approach to funding your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to consider when looking for a business loan?

The speed with which a loan will be approved, and funds deposited into your account. BizLoansFast can complete this process in 24 hours.

How much documentation will you have to provide and what will be the cost of sourcing it? Paying valuers to conduct costly valuations on your business and having your accountant generate and collate numerous financial statements, cash flow history reports, and asset and liability statements just to apply for a loan is costly and inefficient. All BizLoansFast needs is a rates notice, a recent mortgage statement, your ID, and our 60 second on-line application filled out and we get to work approving your loan.

Traditional bank Loans vs Online business loans

With bank loans you can often be looking at lengthy approval and loan processing times. They make it clear from the outset you will be operating on their timeframes, not them reacting to your needs. They often request an onerous amount of documentation? They snail mail contracts back to you, taking 2-3 days? They send cheques or deposit funds via internet transfers that take time to clear? Banks were born centuries ago and some still operate like they’re still there!

With an online business loan from BizLoansFast approval letters on loans are issued in 2 hours via email! Once accepted we issue loan contracts in 4 hours! No property or business valuations, no tax returns, no financial records required from you. Once approved your funds are transferred to your account immediately! Our whole process takes 24 hours from start to finish, and our consultants keep you, informed at every moment of the process—we’re here for you—not the other way around!

Simplifying the business loan application process

At BizLoansFast we think we’ve made our loan application the simplest and easiest to complete in the industry. Because we only secure your business loan against real estate you already own and you don’t make any payments on the principal loan amount during the term of the loan, we don’t need multiple statements and records regarding your business. We understand that what you need to focus your time on is your business and not completing lengthy loan applications.

Literally all you need to get a BizLoansFast loan application underway is to either call us on 1300 852 150 or:


  • Fill out our 60 second on-line application
  • Send us a rates notice
  • Send us a recent mortgage statement for the property you are nominating as security for the loan
  • Send us the ID of anyone applying for the loan.
Fast business options to meet quick business needs

In business, speed and efficiency can be everything. Often business owners need to pivot, be nimble and act decisively. Sometimes this means having medium to large amounts of funding at your fingertips to take advantage of a commercial opportunity or avert a cash crisis.

Super-fast service understandably comes at a premium, and at BizLoansFast we recognize you are coming to us for a time effective solution, not just a rate.  We have a variety of loan structures to suit your needs. Whether it be a short term business loan, (also known as a caveat or bridging loan) or a fast second mortgage loan. Our team will react to your application and can pre-approve funding in 2 hours, we can email loan contracts in 4 hours, and have funds in your account RTGS payment instantly. We’ve built our reputation on efficiency and speed of service and will find you a solution to meet your timeframe.

Hide and seek with hidden fees

At BizLoansFast our upfront fees are low, and we are transparent in disclosing them. We are not here to waste your time promising you the world as some other lenders do, and then request high fees be transferred to their account before they fund your loan. You should be extremely wary of any lender requesting this, as the costs of processing a loan application just do not warrant it.

Any fees associated with your loan are clearly shown in simple language and you will know exactly what they will be.

BizLoansFast is a founding member of A.S.T.L.A the Australian Short Term Lenders Association and adhere strictly to fee disclosure charters we helped draw up. When borrowing money short term, we advise you only deal with an accredited member of A.S.T.L.A.


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