Business Loans Australia

  • Borrow up to $5,000,000
  • No financials or credit check required on application. 
  • Bad credit accepted
  • Funding possible in 24 hours

Business Loans Australia

BizLoansFast is the number one loan specialist for fast business loans in Australia. Whether it’s a short-term business loan, including caveat loans and bridging loans, or a first or second mortgage, we can process your application and have funds in your account, ready to finance your business needs in 24 hours.

We lend amounts from $20,000 to $5,000,000 for periods of 1 to 12 months (longer if you need to extend the life of the loan). To apply with BizLoansFast you won’t need to provide business financials or cashflow records, we don’t do valuations and we don’t worry about less than perfect credit scores or current loan arrears. Plus, unlike some other lenders you might have experienced we are happy to fund start-up businesses.

What makes BizLoansFast so different?

Our easy application process. We realise you are there to run your business, not fill out lengthy application forms for loans. So, all we require is you fill out our 60 Second on-line contact form, or you can call us on 1300 852 150. That’s what makes our business loans unique in Australia. 

We try and approve your loan and get funds into your account as fast as possible. When we founded BizLoansFast back in 2004, we identified one of the greatest failings in the lending industry was the length of time it took lenders to A. Process loan applications. B. Grant Approvals and C. Transfer funds. Often their processes were actually prohibitive to successful business outcomes! A large degree of our success is simply because of the speed with which we react to your needs as a customer and act on them.

Service and support. Our attention to you doesn’t finish with you signing a loan contract. Any question you have, our door is always open. We have built relationships with many long-term clients—we call them friends—and we’d love to count you in amongst them.

As mentioned, we lend from $20,000 to $5,000,000 so we can fund across a wide variety of industries and purposes. To see if you qualify for one of our Australian business loans by hitting the apply now button. and put the amount you want to borrow in the handy online calculator, your first name and email, and we’ll respond to you at the very first opportunity.

With our Short-Term Business Loans, the loan term is from one to six months, you have to make no repayments at all during the term of the loan, we don’t need any cash flow records or financials to get it going, we can get you funding in 24 hours, and you can finalise the loan early any time you like, without penalty.

With our Interest Only Second Mortgage Loans, the loan terms are from 12 months, or longer if you need, and we extend the timeframe for you again without any fees or penalties. Importantly, you pay only the interest on the loan each month, which means your monthly repayments are the lowest they can be. Again, no tax returns or bas statements required to get loan approval. We’re here to fund your business needs, not make your life an admin nightmare! And of course, if approved, we’ll be able to get funds into your account in 24 hours. After all that’s what we’re famous for at BizLoansFast, and it’s what we’ve built our brand and reputation on.

So, if your business needs funds almost immediately, we’re not here to judge, we’re here to provide. To satisfy our guidelines the loan just has to be for a definite business or commercial investment purpose. It might be just to cover a re-financing need, where your bank is refinancing property you own, but will take a couple of months. That where BizLoansFast can save the day with a Business Bridging Loan, covering the funds you need, until your bank refinance is processed.

Or maybe you own a business that, through no fault of its own, is on the verge of failing because invoices owed to you have not been paid, or the business cashflow is seasonal, but the costs are constant? A lot of lenders are nervous and unresponsive in this scenario. But not BizLoansFast, we can come in and fund the shortfall until your cashflow gets back to normal and the business is out of danger. Over the years our loans have rescued many thousands of businesses that have then gone on to flourish for years. They weren’t failing businesses; they were just going through a testing period. Again, we’re not here to judge you, or the success of your business, our mission is to try and guarantee your success in the future. Whatever your business funding need is, contact BizLoansFast today on 1300 852 150, or apply on-line—we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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